9 Promotional Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Jun 9, 2024

The world runs on natural resources, but it's not like all that power comes from thin air! Oil, gas, and energy companies help harness and deliver the resources that power all our homes, offices, restaurants, and so much more. Whether you're looking to promote your energy-related business at tradeshows, recognize your employees with branded gifts, or something else altogether, here are 9 of our favorite promotional products for the oil and gas industry:

Large Travel Mug

travel mug

Perfect for long days on-site, these insulated travel mugs can hold up to 34 Oz. of your clients' favorite beverages. No more worrying about finding time for a refill!

Highway Kit

highway kit

For fleets and distribution teams, a highway preparedness kit is essential. Many things can happen out on the road, and it's important to be ready to tackle any obstacles that might appear! Don't let a flat tire or dead battery get your teams down – give them these branded automotive kits that have everything they need for emergencies, like jumper cables, glowsticks, gloves, and more.

Magnetic Car Sign

magnetic car sign

Looking for an easy way to get your brand out there? Consider magnetic car signs for your company vehicles! Whether they're driving from the office to a job site or just out and about on errands, your company's name and contact info are sure to get seen zipping around town.

Coloring Book

coloring book

Today's children are tomorrow's consumers, and an essential part of every business is educating its customers. Coloring books are a fun and educational way to share important information about what your company does and why it matters! With these specially made Oil and Gas coloring books emblazoned with your logo, you'll be able to get kids interested in your company, and their parents will be thankful for the fun activity.

Energy Shot

energy shot

We know that the oil and gas industry doesn't stop moving when the sun goes down. Help your road teams stay alert and energized with these custom branded energy shots. With no sugar or carbs, these little energy shots pack a big punch in a small package.

Peel and Stick Calendar

peel and stick calendar

These little peel and stick calendars are compact, making them perfect for placing almost anywhere. The large branding area at the top of the calendar features a vintage gas pump graphic and plenty of space for your logo and contact information. Give these to employees and customers alike for an inexpensive promo that gives year-round impressions!

Gas Pump Mug

gas pump mug

This unique mug makes an excellent anniversary or recognition gift for your loyal employees or an ultra-memorable giveaway for tradeshows and events! Your recipients aren't going to have a mug like this in their cabinet at home, so there's no doubt that they'll remember who gave them a gas pump-shaped mug – especially with your brand printed prominently on the front.

Oil Tanker Stress Toy

oil tanker stress toy

When your work is what powers the homes, cars, offices, and more of everyone in the area, things can get a little stressful. Help your clients stay calm with these cute tanker truck stress toys. One squeeze, and they'll be feeling much better!

Gas Can Key Chain

gas can keychain

No one likes losing their keys. Help your employees and clients alike keep track of their keys with these custom-logoed gas can keychains. Whether they're for your fleet of work trucks or a giveaway to potential customers, these keychains are sure to be a hit.

Want to see what other oil and gas promos we have? Contact us today to learn more!

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