Case Study: I Was Framed!

  • Aug 4, 2023

Photo Frame

Objective: The city was celebrating National Public Works Week with a community event. The event provided education for community members, as well as games for entertainment. Event planners wanted an inexpensive giveaway for all attendees.

Product: 4"x 6" White Dual Easel Frame

Personalization: The frame included logos from the city and a national public works association. Between the logos read "Public Works Open House" and "Celebrating National Public Works Week."

Method of Distribution: Photos were printed on-site, inserted in the frames, and handed out to event attendees.

Marketing Outcome: Kids had a lot of fun at the event, and both kids and adults appreciated learning more about how their public works department serves their community. Public works employees were happy to educate residents at the event, and guests enjoyed taking home a framed photo as a reminder of the fun, informative event.

Source: Warwick Publishing 

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